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So there is an event coming up and you need to know what the capacity of your building is and how many tables you need to get ready but there is also a class going on at the same time and you're wondering if they're going to disturb each other. Did you know that you probably already own the software that can figure that out for you?

Or, you have a special service the day after a large funeral and both events use a mixture of staff and outside volunteers and contractors. How do you make sure that both services run smoothly with the right people and that the next day everything is cleaned up and replaced with gear for the next day? 

Automation might sound scary for faith organizations because you are all about relationship. We are here to tell you though that you should indeed focus on relationship and help us identify the things that have nothing to do with relationships and automate them for you.

Custom Training

One year you have too many volunteers working on your music team and the next year you need to find new people. How do you reach out to those who are already interested and how do you train them as fast as possible without burning them out.

This is where custom training comes in. Using your faith organization's culture we can help you streamline this process, give training sessions, and recording them for later use.
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