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We have a lot of educational experience in K12 education, like a combined 2 decades, and we have helped teams and leaders to get the most out of their program based on personal assessments and guided implementations. America is not doing so well compared to the world. This is interesting because we like to be on the vanguard of everything, then why not also in education. Unfortunately it is not as easy copying a system from Europe or Asia. Education is dependent on your context and needs a personal assessment in order to be meaningful and inclusive.


Being scholars is great because we have so much real life experience with Higher Education in both America and Europe. That experience has made us appreciative of the accessibility of education but we think we can do better. How can your organization provide the same quality education to people from entirely different contexts?

We have also learned that due to Covid Higher Education institutes have mostly offered a technical solution for an adaptive problem. This is a shame, because now is the time to convince your school board to invest in a truly adaptive solution that can potentially set the stage for the future of higher education.


To say instructional design has gone through a shift in the last decades would be an understatement. We went from an environment that was focussed on skills to a focus of personal development and meaning. This is great news for the corporate world as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are not skills but rather a user experience that is interconnected with a personal construction of meaning. This, for example, means that there isn't a course on diversity but it means enriching the corporate training with a culture of diversity.

We would love to help your company create new and adjust old material to prepare your employees and leadership to what matters most for your business.
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