We Are Passionate About Equity in the Marketplace

About Us


Equilux Consulting has its origins in UX Design. Almost a decade ago we started a firm called VES that offered UX Design services. However we quickly realized that companies weren't hiring us for the interactions their clients had with their brand but for the interactions their team had with their own brand. You could say that we were management consultants without knowing it.

A lot has happened since the beginning days and the three partners have solidified their experience by brining equity in the market place and we are very passionate about it. As in graduate studies passionate about it. We actively research and synthesize the best methods and practices so that this world will be a better place for our children. We know that sounds ambitious but we really believe that it is our job to help create flourishing and equitable organizations.

Jen Pool


After spending a decade in telecommunications, and a decade in the non-profit space, Jen is a believer in the power that technology can have in the justice and advocacy spaces, and as an enneagram 8, she’s a big supporter of internal systems that support and empower employees and clients. She’s spent the past decade working in communities both locally, and online, to help improve trauma awareness and understanding. When she’s not working or volunteering, Jen spends time with her family and friends or curled up with a good book.

Director, Equitable Opportunities, Vine & Fig Tree (2021 - Present)
Executive Director, Blackout Trafficking (2021 - Present, former Chair of the Board for Blackout Trafficking, 2017-2021)
Advisory Board Member, Grit+Gumption (2021 - Present)
Veteran, United States Marine Corps
SHRM (2022)

Kim van Essen


As an Enneagram 9, Kim spends her time formalizing detailed processes to facilitate everyone feeling like a part of the team. She is a firm believer in individuals knowing themselves to serve to wider company or community. When not learning and writing on those topics, Kim spends her personal time with her spouse and two children, taking long walks around Richmond and eating some good food.

Director, Vocation & Well-being, Vine & Fig Tree (2021-Present)
Life & Purpose Coach (Present)
MEd Culturally Responsive Leadership, VCU (2024)

Miche van Essen


Miche is the systems brain at Equilux and specialized in helping organizations see the bigger systems that they exist in to create environment that are more inclusive and allows employees and employers feel like they belong.

Director, Communication & Administration, The Table Church DC (Present)
Chair of the Board, Blackout Trafficking (Present)
DMin Inclusive Leadership, PSR (2024)
MA Global Leadership, Fuller (2022)